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Bachelor work
In 2001 after four years of studies on radiophysics faculty of National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv I graduated with the bachelor degree in radiophysics and electronics. Abstract for this work is followed.

Final qualifying work of the bachelor : 22 pages, 13 images, 8 tables, 3 appendixes, 8 sources.

Results of development of the hardware of the automated system for investigation of electric properties of the devices constructed on the basis of structures with tunnel-thin dielectrics are given. The developed hardware part of system executes functions on unification of the data exchange protocol between measuring devices and PC. Produced interface board meets all requirements which were put to the hardware part of system and will be used in system for investigation of structures with dielectric layer thickness from 15 up to 75 A.

Keywords: tunnel-thin dielectrics, MTDS structure, structures with thin dielectrics, measurement of electrical properties, automation, microcontroller, interface board

Also you can get abstract for this work in Ukrainian as a PDF file (61 Kb).
Here you can download full text of my bachelor work in Ukrainian in PDF format. The file size is about 475 Kb.
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