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As the part of my work, the following sites were made in 2001-2002. All program part of the given sites (PHP+MySQL, C+MySQL) were made by me, design is not mine. All of these sites are using original content management engine which allows ordinary users to change site content without experience in HTML,CSS,database etc. main page screenshot April-June 2002. Main site features:
  • Content management engine
  • Forum with user registration and topics filtration
  • Browsable FAQ with keyword(s) search
  • Fully user-manageable download section (Ordinary user can upload new files and new version of files to site, providing changes for change log etc.)
More screenshots with comments main page screenshot October-December 2001. main page screenshot June-August 2001. Main site features:
  • First release of content management engine which all sites above is using
  • Banner system with customizable banners size, user division into administrators and ordinary users, banners moderating by administrators before they will be used, static and dynamic banner show.
  • Price-lists management system which allows users to publish and change their price-lists on a site. The system also has the administrator's interface, allowing to add, edit and delete users and also to edit their price-list.
  • Stock quote system which gather information from open sources in Internet and then creating nicely graphs representing exchange, stock and bank metals quotations for month, year and all time period.
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